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As fall draws to a close and winter looms near, now is the time to start thinking not only about winterizing your home and your car, but also about winterizing your water features as well. Here is what you need to do.

How to Get Your Water Features Ready for Winter

Water Features in Independence & Kansas City

1. Remove Plants from Your Water Features

While some plants are hardy enough to withstand a long winter, others might not fare so well. If you have plants that are removable, now would be an excellent time to relocate them for the winter. Talk to an expert at your local garden store if you are not sure which plants need to be relocated or to where.

2. Clean or Drain Your Water Features

If you have small water features, such as fountains, you will want to drain them so they don’t freeze and crack over the winter. If you have a large water feature, such as a pond, you will want to clean it out as best as possible.

3. Remove the Pump

If your water feature has a pump, you will want to be sure to remove the pump before winter. Otherwise, the frozen water will likely break it, causing you to have to replace it in the spring.

4. Remove or Cover Your Water Features

Once your water feature is all cleaned and ready for winter, you will want to store it if possible. If your water features are small enough to move, you may want to relocate them to a garage or shed. Otherwise, you may want to cover your water features to keep any leaves and animals out.

Water features that add beautiful ambiance to your yard in the summer don’t generally fare as well in the winter. Prepare and remove your water features now, before the cold weather hits, and they’ll be ready to add a peaceful and soothing touch to your yard again next spring.

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