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Are you tired of having a yard that looks beautiful in the summer, yet bland and dreary in the winter? While landscape design is often easier in the summer when you can use a variety of flowers and shrubs, beautiful landscape design is still possible in the winter as well. If you are ready for a yard that is just as beautiful and interesting in the winter as it is in the summer, try one of these winter landscape design ideas today.

Landscape Design For Colder Months

Landscape Design for Winter Months in Kansas City

1. Plant Evergreen Trees and Holly Shrubs

Colorful plants may be more common in the summer, but they are definitely still available all year round. Plant evergreen trees and holly shrubs, and enjoy beautiful greens and vibrant reds all winter long.

2. Choose Trees with Interesting Bark

The flowers aren’t the only part of a plant that is beautiful. Choose trees with interesting bark and liven up your dreary backyard by adding not only color, but texture as well.

3. Install Hardscape Elements

While plants are a big part of landscaping, don’t limit your landscape design only to things that grow. Hardscape elements such as statues, pergolas, benches, and trellises can go a long ways towards beautifying your yard as well.

4. Use Pieces of Interest

In addition to the usual landscape design elements listed above, you can also use unique and interesting pieces to really make your yard stand out. Use old wheelbarrows, salvaged wood and metal, buckets, shutters and window frames.

5. Get Creative with Lighting

Sometimes it isn’t just what you put in your yard, but how you show it off that matters. After you fill your hard with beautiful flowering shrubs and interesting hardscape elements, be sure to show them off with a variety of unique lighting sources.

This winter, don’t settle for a cold and dreary backyard that looks identical to everyone else’s. Use these five great ideas for landscape design to create a backyard that is truly one of a kind.

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