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Your workplace may need some life to spark creativity and reduce employee stress. A fountain or water feature might improve your workplace environment. Water displays can help your workplace if used correctly.

water feature office building

Calming Properties

Running water provides soothing sounds and visual interest. For workers that enjoy this white noise and are inspired by nature, a water feature might improve productivity by reducing stress. The water might distract some workers, so there should be plenty of workplace that is not near the water display.

Gathering Point
A fountain, inside or outside, can be a great gathering place for employees or visitors. A well placed water feature can attract employees and give them a place to sit, relax, or have a conversation. A waterfall or fountain with benches or seats might be the perfect spot for customers and visitors to enjoy the sounds and sights.

Natural Humidifier
Features with moving water can improve the quality of your workplace’s air. Some of the water evaporates as it flows, contributing the the humidity of the air. If your workplace is located in a humid climate, a moving water feature might harm the air quality. Think about your climate and ask for help to choose the best type of water feature for your workplace.

Charitable Cause
You can raise money for your workplace’s dedicated philanthropy with a waterfall or fountain. As visitors and employees toss a coin in for luck, they are contributing to the cause as well.

When considering a water feature, you must account for safety. Open pools of water pose risks for children and should be built and installed according to all safety guidelines. Since large fountains are heavy, you’ll want to make sure they are placed in a safe location and won’t strain the floor. Your workplace will benefit when you maintain your water feature to prevent leaks and damage.

A water feature can enhance your workplace for visitors and employees. You can learn more about installing the perfect pond, fountain, or waterfall by giving us a call!