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Enjoy swimming and nature's beauty with a swimming pond from Prestige One LandscapingWith summer temperatures heating up, you may be longing to lounge by the side of a pool somewhere, sipping fruity drinks. But an in-ground swimming pool is a huge commitment, both financially and when it comes to maintenance, and an above-ground pool can be just as much of a hassle as well as an eyesore — not to mention all the chemicals you’re immersing yourself in.  But that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck when it comes to enjoying your backyard!

Go Natural with a Swimming Pond

Swimming ponds are a great way to combine the practicality of an in-ground swimming pool with the benefit of chemical-free swimming.  Swimming ponds also act as water gardens, bringing the beauty of nature right into your backyard.

How Swimming Ponds Work

The water in a swimming pool is filtered mechanically through a skimmer filter and then biologically filtered by plants and a natural pump system.  Areas for water gardens and swimming are separate.  With proper maintenance, harmful bacteria are broken down and risk of infection is very low, and you’re free of chlorine and other chemicals that are toxic to all living things, including humans!

Maintenance of Swimming Ponds

After the first year of close monitoring and maintenance, swimming ponds are usually a lot less work than a conventional pool.  No worrying about making sure the chemical levels are right and no scrubbing tile to get rid of grime the chlorine doesn’t kill.  And there’s nothing more rewarding than enjoying a dip in the swimming end of your pond while enjoying the picturesque scene of thriving water plants.

Swimming Ponds from Prestige One Landscaping

If a swimming pond sounds like your perfect solution for the summer heat, our talented landscapers at Prestige One Landscaping can talk to you about designing and installing your swimming pond today.  Give our water feature experts a call at 816-796-7548, or visit our website for more information.