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Birds make a beautiful and peaceful addition to any backyard, but how can you encourage them to visit? Use water features! Here are five tips for using water features to attract birds to your yard.

How To Use Water Features To Attract Birds

Water features for bird lovers

1. Keep the Water Shallow

Many birds prefer to bathe, rather than swim, so water features shallower than two inches will attract more birds than deep water features. If your fixture is deep, try adding sand or gravel to the bottom for a more favorable depth. You may even vary the depth to accommodate several types of birds.

2. Provide Good Footing

Bowls with smooth ceramic bottoms can be very slippery to birds when wet. Adding sand or gravel to the bottom of a water feature not only helps you control the depth, but it will help provide birds with a better footing as well. Also be sure that the feature is placed securely on the ground or on a low pedestal so there is no risk of it tipping over.

3. Try a Variety of Water Features

Different types of birds prefer different water features, and you have many options beyond the typical bird bath. Mix it up by adding various water features best suited for your needs, including waterfalls, ponds, streams and misters.

4. Choose a Good Location

Think carefully before placing your water features. You want to choose a location that you can see, that provides shade and that offers birds some form of protection nearby. Make sure it is away from disturbances, such as a busy road, pets and doorways, as well.

5. Keep it Clean

Birds may be beautiful, but they are often messy as well. If your bird bath is busy, it won’t be long until it has quite a bit of poop and features in it. Be sure to clean out your bird bath frequently, using a scrub brush to get off anything that is stuck on. Rinse it with a little bleach, and refill the water often.

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