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If you can’t wait to dig your feet into the fresh soil after the last storms of winter, then you can begin with a spring vegetable garden. There are specific vegetables that are known to grow better in the cool spring air and right after the winter storms. Tapping into a vegetable garden that can blossom after the storm also allows you to enjoy even more of planting in every season.

Plant a Vegetable Garden as Early as March

vegetable garden tips for spring in kansas cityThere are cool season vegetables that are known for growing easily when it is not as hot outside. Planting a vegetable garden as early as March can help you to enjoy even more of the growing season. You will want to get seeds that you can plant 6 to 8 weeks before the frost is completely gone. You can begin by planting them indoors and allowing them to bud under the windows to the outdoors, then can move into transplanting them into the cooler weather of spring for your vegetable garden.

Vegetables For Your Spring Garden

There is a specific type of vegetable garden that you will want to consider for early planting. Lettuce, kale, cabbage and collards are well – known for early planting. You can also consider broccoli or kohlrabi for your vegetable garden. These vegetables thrive in cooler weather and don’t like the heat of the sun in the summer season. If you want to expand the vegetable garden into the summer, then you can change your patches to tomatoes, squash and okra, all which are known to thrive under heat.

Start Digging In to Your Vegetable Garden

If you are ready to dig in with a green thumb, then you can begin with spring seeds for your vegetable garden. The vegetable garden that you can plant with specific types of plants allow you to enjoy even more of the season. Looking at specific types of seeds and planting the garden with an alternative process allows you to make the most of every season while enjoying even more fresh vegetables with beginnings through your vegetable garden.

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