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Houseplants are great to enhance your home decor as well as your indoor air quality. But sometimes houseplants can be hard to keep alive. Here are some suggestions of no-fuss houseplants to bring color and life into your home.


1. English Ivy

A pot of English Ivy is perfect for a mantel or shelf so the stems can trail down. Simply keep the soil moist and it will be growing long in no time.

2. Philodendron

These heart-shaped leaves are big and green and adapt well to low-light areas. This is also great for a shelf or large furniture to trail over the edge. Allow the soil to dry between waterings.

3. Snake Plant

If you’re not home much, a snake plant actually takes well to being neglected. Kepe them near a window and be careful not to overwater to avoid root rot.

4. Dieffenbachia

These green and white plants can be bundled together in a pot for a more shrubby look. These add a particularly tropical look to any room but need to be kept moist. These are also referred to as dumb canes.

5. Fiddleleaf Fig

These beautiful trees create leathery, deep green leaves. The big leaves provide a very classy look and can grow very tall. Give it plenty of room to grow and allow soil to dry completely.

6. Dracaena

This beautiful houseplant is not to be confused with the vegetable. The leaves resemble a decorative corn stalk with no ears. For a fuller appearance, plant several together. For the beautiful and bright yellow and green stripes be sure not to overwater.

7. Chinese Evergreen

The leaves of this houseplant are shaded with silver, gray and green. Its leaves can brighten dim areas in your home and don’t require much light or moisture.


8. Peperomia

Peperomias have a narrow band of red surrounding a waxy, cream colored leaf. Besides red-edge peperomias, we also love ripple, watermelon, silverleaf and baby rubber peperomias. These look great without taking up much space.

9. Norfolk Island Pine

This plant is a fan of humidity and sunshine. These are great for Christmas decorations or gifts with its cozy look. Don’t let it dry out or the branches will brown.

10. Zeezee Plant

Not only does it have a fun name, the Zeezee plant is known to last forever. Its leaves are so durable that most people even think they’re fake. This plant can go several weeks without water and doesn’t require light. It would actually be a challenge to kill a Zeezee plant.