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Plan Ahead to Build a Pond | Kansas City | Prestige One Landscaping

Adding a water feature to your yard can make a big impact on your property. Prestige One Landscaping loves to help Kansas City homeowners turn their yards into calming retreats with custom water feature installations, including ornamental ponds. Complete installation of a pond only takes one or two days, but there are some steps you can take as a homeowner to plan ahead to build a pond.

Legal Issues When Building a Pond

Depending on where you live, your city or neighborhood may have specific ordinances you need to follow when you build a pond on your property. You may need a building permit, or you might need a city official to approve your construction plans.

Also consider your neighbors to prevent any disputes. A pond dug near your neighbor’s yard can cause shifts in land and water flow. If you build a pond without certification, you can wake up sued by your neighbor for water damage, even if these problems were not caused directly by your pond or the construction process.

Determining Your Pond Location

A large pond will require a considerable perimeter. Be sure that you select a site that you will enjoy long term, and an area that your landscaper will have easy access to during construction. Downhill sites may not be the best location to build a pond, since they are subject to runoff during thunderstorms. Ask your family, friends, and landscaper for their opinion on where you should place your pond.

Ground Control and Safety Measures

As you plan ahead to build a pond, you should also consider the soil composition of the area where you want the pond. Sandy soils are easily excavated, but can also easily shift. Layered soils can hide layers of clay, sand, and gravel, which reacts differently to pressure. At Prestige One Landscaping, we can offer our professional opinion on your pond placement to ensure that you select the right area and soil for your pond.

Choosing the Right Pond Style, Shape and Size

In addition to the practical and legal concerns that come with adding a water feature, you should also consider aesthetics when you plan ahead to build a pond. There are many options when it comes to the style, shape, and size of your ornamental pond, from the more modern and minimalist geometric ponds to spalshy lagoon or peninsula-shaped versions. We suggest looking at online inspiration, including our online gallery of water features, to determine the look and feel you want for your pond.

Making Your Pond Plan a Reality

No matter where you are in the planning stages, Prestige One Landscaping can help you build the pond that fits your home’s style and instantly upgrades your curb appeal. If you need help navigating the legal, safety, soil and style concerns that come with planning to build a pond, contact us at (816) 925-0309 or (816) 226-6337 to discuss your project. We’d love to help!