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Kansas City | Maintaining Water Quality in Your Outdoor Water FeatureAn outdoor water feature can be a beautiful addition to your property if it is properly maintained; this includes monitoring its water quality. Since outdoor water features often do not have a flowing freshwater source to discharge waste, sometimes build-up can occur and affect water quality. Especially now that it’s autumn and trees are beginning to shed their leaves, debris can easily infiltrate your outdoor water feature along with algae.

Ensuring water quality in your outdoor water feature really isn’t a time-consuming and difficult task. Here are some easy tips to help you keep your outdoor water feature looking fresh!


Ensure Water Quality in Your Outdoor Water Feature with Filters

Mechanical Filters & Your Outdoor Water Feature

You can add a mechanical filter to your outdoor water feature; it will catch solid waste in a sponge, mat, or brush, and then you remove the waste once it accumulates. A pond skimmer is a simple mechanical filtration tool that you can use to capture waste and improve water quality in your outdoor water feature.

Biological Filters & Your Outdoor Water Feature

Biological filters are most effective when ensuring the water quality of your outdoor water feature. Biological filtration systems provide food and oxygen for nitrosomonas and nitrobacter, two naturally occurring bacteria that make ammonia break down into nitrite and then into nitrate. Fiber matting in the biological filters provide a large surface area for the bacteria to colonize and empty space for nutrient-rich water for flow through and feed the bacteria. Biological filters require less cleaning than mechanical filters, making it easier for you to maintain the water quality in your outdoor water feature.

Use Chemicals to Improve Water Quality

You may have to use chemicals to improve the water quality in your outdoor water feature. These chemicals eliminate algae and many other impurities that can cause your water feature to appear cloudy. Chemicals like Accu-Clear make suspended particles like algae clump and fall to the bottom of the pond, where they can be vacuumed away or removed with a mechanical filter.

If you have goldfish or koi in your pond, be sure to use chemicals that are safe for use with fish, or consider an Ultraviolet Sterilizer.

Increase Water Quality with an Ultraviolet Sterilizer

If your outdoor water feature suffers from algae problems, you should try an ultraviolet sterilizer to improve water quality. Placing a germicidal UV lamp in a pipe where water passes around it provides a 99% reduction in algae. Even with a UV sterilizer, you need a biological filtration system or the dead algae will not break down.

Any other questions about maintaining water quality in your outdoor water feature? Feel free to contact Prestige One Landscaping of Kansas City for more information–call (816) 925-0309!