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Landscape Maintenance in Kansas City, MOJust like with interior decorating, music and clothing, landscape maintenance follows certain trends too. While the way that these trends are incorporated into yards can vary, many trends have been spotted time and time again all throughout the U.S. Here are five landscape maintenance trends that are especially popular these days.

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Landscape Maintenance Trend #1: Low-Maintenance Lawns

Gone are the days of homeowners spending hours on making their lawns look absolutely perfect. Homeowners are increasingly choosing low-maintenance plants that don’t require as much upkeep to thrive. Americans are busy these days, and they don’t want to be tied down by their yards.

Landscape Maintenance Trend #2: Play Areas

After decades of children spending their childhoods plopped in front of the TV, today’s parents are encouraging their children to get outside and play by installing landscaping elements, such as bridges, creeks and boulders, that allow children to use their imaginations.

Landscape Maintenance Trend #3: Vintage Elements

While America’s love for all things new and shiny isn’t going anywhere, more and more vintage elements are popping up in homes and yards all throughout the U.S. These vintage elements add character, uniqueness and charm to yards that would otherwise look all the same.

Landscape Maintenance Trend #4: Water Conservation

In light of the recent recession and droughts in some areas, the last thing that homeowners want to spend their money on is watering their plants constantly. As a result, homeowners are tending towards drought-resistant plants that don’t need excessive water or care to thrive. Some homeowners are even reducing their plant coverage altogether, choosing cactuses and other native plants over grasses.

Landscape Maintenance Trend #5: Luxurious Additions

While “less is more” is a popular mindset these days, that hasn’t stopped some homeowners from going over the top in their landscape designs. Many of today’s homeowners are making their yards an extension of their home with outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, outdoor furniture and other decorations that are more typical of indoor living.

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