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Landscape Maintenance for KC Pet OwnersIf you have pets, they probably spend just as much time in your yard as you do, if not more. Therefore, it is important to plan your landscape maintenance with your pets in mind. Not only will this make your yard a nicer place for them to live and play, but the right landscape maintenance projects can help discourage certain undesirable pet behaviors.

Landscape Maintenance Tips For Kansas City Pet Owners

Landscape Maintenance for Pets Tip #1: Build a Sandbox

If your pet loves to dig holes in your yard, give him a better place to dig instead. Build a small sandbox, fill it with dirt and mulch, and bury interesting toys and treats in it. Train your pet to dig in the sandbox instead, and enjoy a yard free of holes.

Landscape Maintenance for Pets Tip #2: Plant Trees

If your pets are outside in the summer heat, make sure they have a place to cool down. Plant trees or that will provide plenty of shade cover. You may even build a dog or cat house for your pet to retire to.

Landscape Maintenance for Pets Tip #3: Install a Small Wading Pool

A small wading pool is another great addition that your pet will love. Dogs will love to lay in, play in and drink the water. Not only will this help keep your dog cool and well-hydrated, but it could help keep him occupied and out of your plants as well.

Landscape Maintenance for Pets Tip #4: Place Rocks Strategically

If your dog is digging next to your foundation or in your flower bed, adding rocks around the area can help tremendously. Dogs don’t like to dig when it will hurt their paws, so they should leave your home and your plants alone.

Landscape Maintenance for Pets Tip #5: Avoid Harmful Plants

Even if you leave a full food bowl outside for your pet, he will still probably eat whatever he can find around the yard as well. Therefore, it is important that you steer clear of plants that may be dangerous for your pet, such as lilies, crocus, tulips or English Ivy.

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