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healthy-trees-tipsThe presence of healthy trees in your lawn improves the aesthetic value of the home among other benefits that trees provide to homeowners.

Most species of trees have long life spans when they are given the conducive growing environment, however, this lifespan can easily be curtailed through disturbances by homeowners, animals, diseases or even adverse weather conditioners.

It’s necessary for a homeowner to portray the value they attach on their landscape by taking the necessary measures to keep their trees healthy and safe in order to reap the maximum benefits that healthy trees provide.


Tips to keep trees healthy


Healthy trees are those which have received regular watering since they were young as this promotes fast growth. The seedlings require water during transplanting and also in field establishment. However, caution should be taken to avoid excessive watering which may lead to buildup of disease causing microorganisms.

Fertilizer Application

Young trees require nitrogenous fertilizers to promote vegetative growth which is vital to increasing the rate of photosynthesis. Phosphate fertilizers should also be applied to improve rooting of the tree and hence promote effective absorption of water and minerals necessary for healthy trees. (Keep in mind that different trees species require different amounts of fertilizers.)


Use mulch materials such as sawdust and crop residues around the base of the trees. Mulching is a non chemical method of controlling weeds from growing around the trees and also prevents water loss through evaporation. Additionally, mulching improves soil structure which facilitates good soil aeration necessary for healthy trees.


This is a maintenance practice done on the trees to improve their hygiene and also promote growth of healthy trees. Removal of dead and broken parts of a tree reduces the chances of disease and pest infestation as breeding areas of both pests and disease causing microorganisms are destroyed. Trimming back some of the suckers promote growth of strong stems and branches especially for fruit trees. It also improves the general appearance of the trees as some are pruned in a way to achieve a given structural formation and shape.

Perform Regular Checks on the Trees

This helps the owner to detect any abnormalities found on the trees. Check the appearance of the leaves and any other parts for the presence of pests or diseases and treat them on time if infested. We also recommend to avoid parking vehicles under trees as they make the soil to compact over time and hence killing the tree slowly.


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