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From the tiny animals below the ground’s surface to the way that the plants grow, a garden can and should be a place of wonder and amazement. Don’t settle for a garden that is merely beautiful, as lovely as that is. Incorporate a little playfulness and fun into your garden with these whimsical landscape design ideas.

Unique Landscape Design Tips

Unique Landscape Design Ideas in Kansas City

1. Reuse Found Items

The attic, an antique sale, a garage sale and a thrift shop are all perfect places to find unusual and unique landscape design ideas. Consider not what the items was originally meant for, but what it could be used for. The resulting landscape design idea is sure to be fun and imaginative.

2. Include Natural Elements

Play up the natural beauty of your garden by including natural elements in unexpected ways. Use items such as wreaths, wood, glass, clay or sand to make unique and one-of-a-kind designs, decorations and focal points that will look right at home in your garden.

3. Use Items in New Ways

Who says a wheelbarrow has to be used just for carrying things or that rain boots have to go on your feet? Use common elements in new ways for landscape design ideas that are full of fun and whimsy. For example, you may plant flowers in a wheel barrow, arrange rain boots in a collection, or use old pop bottles to make a beautiful “flower” arrangement.

4. Choose a Theme

When you use items in unexpected ways, it can be easy for your landscape design ideas to begin to feel cluttered. Keep your yard cohesive by choosing a central theme for your landscape design ideas, such as a certain color or object.

5. Embrace the Unexpected

When it comes to home and yard remodels, things don’t always go according to plan. When this happens, embrace the unexpected. Use broken items just as they are and replace missing items with whatever you have. The result will come together in a way that is unique and fun.

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