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Retaining Walls

Kansas City Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a structural entity made of natural stone, wood or concrete which are designed to hold back/retain dirt for various reasons. KC Landscapes has installed retaining walls for families that want to increase room for a patio, level out a yard, improve aesthetic appeal or in areas where it is required for structural assistance.
KC Landscapes excavates the proper depth required to maintain structural integrity based on the height and purpose of the retaining wall. We always provide a minimum of a six inch base under the retaining wall, as well as six inches in front of and behind the wall to ensure that over time your retaining wall will remain safe without any rotation or fallout.

Certified In Segmental Retaining Walls

Prestige One Landscaping has been SRW (Segmental Retaining Walls) certified through the NCMA (National Concrete Masonry Association). As a certified Belgard Installer for the Kansas City area, we offer a variety of types, sizes and blocks.

Natural stone retaining walls provide a native look based on your home and lifestyle that easily blends into the environment. Prestige One Landscaping also offers many manufactured products for projects with smaller budgets. Typically wood is no longer used in retaining walls due to its shortened lifespan and breakdown over time when exposed to the elements.

KC Landscapes also can install sitting walls, which are decorative additions to a patio entertainment area. They help extend the form and function of an existing area and they can be used to separate areas of the yard. Sitting walls give you the feeling of a room without an actual wall and can be made using the same natural stone or manufactured products employed in retaining walls.

When architecture dictates it or in applications where cost is not an issue, KC Landscapes can also provide brick and mortar masonry walls.

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