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Landscape Garden Planting

At KC Landscapes, we provide landscape garden planting services to create low-maintenance gardens that implement many natural plants. With every style garden, we can structure the plants to provide year-round color with different flowers blooming throughout the season.

Gardens With Flair

The majority of our garden planting has a natural, free form style. The goal is to provide visual appeal and personal enjoyment that enhances your curb appeal. These gardens are very low maintenance and often include annual plants which can be enjoyed year after year.

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Polished Landscapes

KC Landscapes can also provide formal-style landscape garden planting, which are very manicured, neat and tidy. These gardens employ topiary plants that are heavily manicured, trimmed and linear. The structure and symmetrical balance of formal gardens provide a high-end professional look.

Rain Gardens

Lastly, we install functional rain gardens. These planting projects are used in problem areas that typically hold and retain water, causing water to pool and attract insects. Rain gardens eliminate this problem by helping facilitate water absorption into the ground and controlling run-off. We use native Kansas and Missouri plants that have the unique characteristic of being able to handle both flooding and drought. The roots of these plants drive down deep into the soil for sustained growth.

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