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Save up to 30-50% on your water bill with an irrigation system by preventing water waste. 

Kansas City Irrigation Specialists 

For homeowners who are looking for a way to avoid hand-watering their gardens and flower beds, or dragging the sprinkle around to water the lawn, an irrigation system is the perfect solution. Prestige One has the expertise to design and install a sprinkler system for any size yard. We also handle repairs on existing irrigation systems.

Why are irrigation systems worth it?

Aside from the convenience of an automated sprinkler, irrigation systems can also save you money on your water bill by preventing water waste. Even the least expensive irrigation system can lower unnecessary watering by 30-50%.

Ready to find the irrigation system for your yard?

The cost of an irrigation system depends on the size of yard, watering requirements, and to a certain extent, water availability. Call Prestige One Landscaping today to get your personalized estimate on irrigation systems.

KC Landscapes offers many different styles of watering devices:

Rotors which are designed for large areas

Spray heads which are best suited for smaller lawns or flower beds

Drip irrigation, which is a hose with many small holes, designed for shrub or flower beds

Direct emitters which can be put in individual plants and water based on the exact requirements for each plant

A System for Every Need

There are currently three levels of smart irrigation systems available, each with varying features and price levels. The first and least expensive system monitors the weather in order to prevent your irrigation system from running during a storm. This is a superior solution over timer systems which water based on a schedule even if the lawn is already being watered by rain.


The second level and slightly more expensive smart systems contain computer programming that has historical data to help project future watering needs. This system is even more effective at preventing overwatering. It is estimated that these smart systems can lower unnecessary watering by 40-60%.


The third and most expensive level of smart systems are computer based and they monitor multiple weather conditions rather than strictly rainfall, for complete water control. High end systems such as these can reduce unnecessary watering by 50-85%.Prevent further damage to your Kansas City property with French drain installation.

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