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If you don’t have a power washer, you may be at a loss for how to clean your deck. But with all of the weather changes, debris and water marks, it’s going to need a good cleaning. 


Follow these steps to have your front or back deck nice and clean for summer entertaining:

  • Remove all outdoor furniture and plants from your deck

  • Prepare a solution of cleanser and water. Be sure the cleanser you use is a potassium soap of fatty acid based cleanser. You may need to check the manufacturer’s directions.

  • Apply this solution to your deck using a mop to get an area thoroughly wet. Do 4-by-4 foot sections at a time.

  • Use a tough outdoor push broom to scrub the deck with the solution. Scrub until dirt and grime are removed.

  • Use an outdoor hose with a strong spray nozzle to rinse all of the dirt and solution off of the surface.

  • Let your deck dry in the sun, which shouldn’t take long. Once the deck is completely dry, add a coat of protective surface solution.


cleaning wood deck

By regularly cleaning your deck and adding a protective coat of water repellant, your deck will last longer and experience less wear and tear. Regular maintenance not only keeps your deck clean, but it also keeps it safe.