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The fresh taste of organic herbs on any meal is incomparable. If you want to prepare for a new year of gardening, then you can begin by planning out an herb garden. This allows you to mix together a variety of flavors while adding into the taste of every meal. Before beginning to plant, you will want to find the right combination for your herb garden. The popular plants for an herb garden help you to enjoy the most of every season with the seeds available.

herb garden independence moYour Herb Garden: The Beginning

When you begin an herb garden, you will want to keep specific techniques in mind. Most herbs grow best when they are first planted inside. You can plant them in the early spring while giving them plenty of sunlight, warmth and water. After it becomes warmer and the plants have budded, you can move them into an outdoor herb garden to enjoy the best of the outdoor air and sunshine.

Popular Herbs For Your Garden

There are popular additions that you can place with your herb garden. Common herbs include basil, chives, coriander and dill. The mix of flavors can expand into fennel, mint, parsley, sage, thyme and tarragon. Each of these can be used in a mixture for tea or as a spice for your favorite dishes. They may also work with drying techniques after being picked from your herb garden for flavors to be added in at a later date. You will want to find specific recipes before planting so you can create a useful mix with your herb garden.

Expand Your Horizons with an Herb Garden

If you want to expand the flavor in your kitchen, then you can begin with an herb garden. Looking at different approaches for your home can help you to enjoy even more of the outdoor flavors. The varieties of herbs available for your herb garden can help you to create rich dishes of food while preserving the best of tastes with teas or dried leaves.

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