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Landscape design, at its best, can enhance health and happiness for every home owner. If you are ready to add balance to the exterior portion of your home, then you should consider alternative landscape design concepts. Feng shui is a philosophy used to create balance and a structure that offers positive energy. Understanding the basic elements of this type of landscape design can also help you to develop a flow with your property that is inviting, open and which also highlights nature.

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The feng shui elements used on your property utilizes a specific landscape design to balance the flow of energy within an outdoor space. The position of water, flower beds, greenery and the relationship to your home are all considered with this. Typically, the placement of each element is customized to energy flow of your property. You will want to look at how to balance each element for the landscape design to work effectively.

The feng shui landscape design uses different elements to balance the area. The first is the heart, which is the focal area of the garden. This is balanced with pathways that lead in and out of the heart of the landscape design. You will also find a threshold between the public and private space. This main design is concluded with accents that develop a personal and custom touch in your yard.

The Feng Shui landscape design helps you to promote a sense of peace and balance. Looking at the various elements of the design can assist with a positive feeling and enjoyment in the outdoors. By accenting this in your yard, you will easily be able to enjoy even more of the elements while having a personal touch to your landscape design.

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