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When the winter weather means you’re stuck inside, bring the wonder of the outdoors, in! At Prestige One Landscaping, Kansas City’s favorite landscapers, we have a list of favorite plants that can easily be grown indoors.

Norfolk Island Pine – If you’ve got vaulted ceilings and a rustic sense of style, this plant may be perfect for you. They require lots of sunshine and a room that stays 60-75 degrees and are perfect for decorating around the holidays. Outside of the winter months, they bring a unique, yet natural and homey feel to any room.

Crown of Thorns – This gorgeous plant is a traveler’s dream. At 18-24 inches tall, the Crown of Thorns blooms throughout the winter months and thrives in a cooler home. Just give it lots of bright light, and you’ll bring little bursts of color to a bleak winter.

Agave PlantSucculents – The golden child of the Pinterest world, succulents, come in a wide variety of hardy, attractive plants. Popular options include Echeveria, Agave and Aloe (which is fire-resistant!). Many people combine several different kinds in their display, which can withstand a great deal of neglect. Perfect for those that are used to letting Mother Nature take care of their foliage.

Grape Ivy – If you prefer hanging plants, grape ivy is a beautiful choice. It elegantly drapes down from the basket when kept in moderate light, moist and between 65 and 80 degrees. Like other varieties in its family, grape ivy also grows well on trellises, for a romantic effect.

If you find yourself missing pops of green or flashes of color during the cold, dreary winter, consider bringing life indoors with houseplants.

For information on plants that thrive outdoors in the summer, as well as indoors in the winter, give Prestige One Landscaping a call today at (816) 925-0309.