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The last winter snow and cold breezes also give an indication that you can begin planning for spring and summer green. If you are preparing a vegetable garden then you don’t have to wait until the heat of summer. You can take advantage of specific types of vegetables known to thrive in cooler breezes of the spring. Considering different types of plants for your vegetable garden allows you to begin planting earlier while enjoying fresh, organic food at a later date.

best vegetable garden for spring in kansas cityBest Seeds For Your Vegetable Garden

The first types of seeds to look at with your vegetable garden include specific green foods. Lettuce, collards, kale, snow peas, cabbage and broccoli are known to thrive outside of complete heat. You can plant these indoors 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost then transplant them into your vegetable garden. The sensitivity of the leaves allow the cooler weather to help with their continuous growth.

Looking For an Expansive Vegetable Garden?

If you want a more expansive vegetable garden, then you can also look at herbs and flowers. Basil, chives, coriander, dill, fennel, mint, parsley, sage, tarragon and thyme are some of the well – known herbs to add into your vegetable garden. You can also look at early blooming flowers, such as pansies, bloodroot, lilac, iris’ and hyacinth, all which will color your vegetable garden into the fresh spring time. These can all be used for teas and to flavor your foods while offering long term growth through the spring and summer season.

Creating a vegetable garden and preparing for the green season begins with finding seeds that enjoy growing in cooler weather. Looking at both foods and herbs can help you to prepare your vegetable garden for the spring. The mixtures you can add into the first of the season for your vegetable garden allows you to have the perfect greenery in all weather.

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