Think you have to wait until spring to enjoy your beautiful landscaping? As it turns out, you don’t have to wait at all. While you won’t have the variety of flowers in the winter that you do in the spring, there are still several winter landscaping ideas that you can use to make your landscaping look beautiful all year round.

Cold Weather Landscaping Tips

Winter Landscaping Tips

1. Include Hardscaping

Grasses and flowers aren’t the only ways to add interest to your landscaping. Use hardscaping elements as well. Examples of hardscaping include benches, statues, fountains, arches, wheelbarrows and bird feeders.

2. Use Berries

Many winter plants hold onto their berries long after the warm weather is gone. Choosing plants with brightly colored red berries is a great way to add little pops of color to your landscaping all year round.

3. Attract Birds

Attracting colorful birds to your yard is another way to add bright pops of color to your winter landscaping. Attract birds to your yard with well-stocked, squirrel-proof bird feeders. Be sure to hang them in plain sight, but away from any disturbances that might scare the birds away.

4. Focus on Bark

Leaves aren’t the only part of a tree that are beautiful. Use winter’s lack of leaves to show off the fancy and varied bark on ornamental trees you have placed around your yard. Bark can be very beautiful and interesting if you take the time to study it.

5. Plant Evergreens

Lastly, don’t forget to include evergreens in your landscaping design process. Evergreen trees look great all year round, especially in the middle of winter. Evergreens come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes as well, so you are sure to find a variety that looks fantastic in your yard all year round.

Winter is a very beautiful time of year, but it can sometimes be bland and dreary as well. Use these five winter landscaping tips to create a yard that is beautiful all year round.

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