Outdoor Lighting Trends in Independence and Kansas City

outdoor lighting independence kansas cityFor so many years, the light that hangs outside your back door was the only lighting in your entire backyard. Times have changed, and people are really starting to take advantage of their outdoor space and add significantly to their living area. In fact, some homeowners use outdoor lighting in such a creative and functional way that their backyard transforms to almost a back room where families spend so much of their time.

Outdoor Lighting For Entertaining

The nice thing about installing outdoor lighting is the ways that you extend the use of the space until your ready till retire, not just until the sun goes down. Entertaining outdoors is so convenient and a great way to expand the number of friends that you can comfortably fit at one time. So just what sort of outdoor lighting would help to transform your outdoor space? Let’s look at some of the options available.

LED Outdoor Lighting

For minimalists and those not trying to do more than highlight dark areas a very popular choice is LED lighting, (light emitting diodes). These lights are efficient on energy and offer plenty of selection of styles and work well to highlight an area softly. Consider that LED lighting is the same kind of lighting on a laptop or dashboard, so the light is a backdrop in order to see well, but not overpower and create shadows.

If you prefer outdoor lighting with more illumination than a good consideration or alternative to LED’s is reflector light fixtures. Reflectors make use of 35 watts, where LEDs generally for outdoor lighting use 1 watt. So the difference in the amount and brightness of the light that shines is significant. Many homeowners choose to use a combination of the two, keeping outdoor lighting near the house using reflectors, and outer areas or uplighting in backgrounds and bed liners in LED.

Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Some prefer a newer option that has been recently popular with outdoor lighting choices is low voltage lighting. If you consider that your home runs on 120 volts, low voltage lighting provides a lot of light but uses just 12 volts. Low volt outdoor lighting is another alternative that is used frequently in directional lighting, either up or down lighting. With use of the low voltage, there’s no need for deep trenches around the lit areas.

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