Just because creating a beautiful yard with landscaping can be very expensive does not mean it has to be. It is entirely possible to create a beautiful yard without breaking the bank. Here are five tips for landscaping on a budget.

Get the Most Out Of Your Landscaping Budget

Landscaping on a Budget in Kansas City


1. Choose Native Plants

Choose non-native plants and not only will they cost you more upfront, but you’ll spend more time and money maintaining them as well. Choose plants that are native to your area and perfect for your climate and save.

2. Repurpose Found Items

Creating beautiful landscaping doesn’t require you to purchase everything you see at the home and garden store. Instead, repurpose found and salvaged items you have or can find for cheap. For example, use old pots, gardening boots or bowls for planters. Not only will this help you save big, but it will help you create unique and beautiful landscaping as well.

3. Take a Minimalist Approach

Sometimes less is more when it comes to landscaping. Instead of filling every corner of your yard with beautiful grasses and flowers, place small groupings strategically for maximum impact and minimal expense. Create a stunning focal point and the rest of the space won’t look so plain, even if it is relatively free of landscaping.

4. Use Hardscaping to Your Advantage

Include hardscaping elements such as benches, bird feeders, arches and wheelbarrows. While they may cost you more upfront, once you have them, they are free each additional year. They don’t have the maintenance and upkeep expenses plants do. Shop end of season clearance sales, garage sales and home resale shops to get the best deals.

5. Be Choosey with Your Design

Lastly, feel free to be picky with what you choose. Don’t purchase a bunch of plants just because they are cheap. You’ll end up replacing them later, which will cost you more money in the long run. Instead, slowly add elements you adore, even if they cost a little more at first.

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