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Innovative Solutions to Deter Deer with Landscaping

Innovative Solutions to Deter Deer with Landscaping

Whether you’re in a rural or suburban location, deer can be a threat to your landscaping efforts. The damage that deer can cause to your landscaping can be substantial. Here are a few ways that you can keep deer away from your trees and other plants.

The Hottest Landscaping Trends for 2015

The Hottest Landscaping Trends for 2015

As we get closer to the holidays, many homeowners are thinking forward to warmer weather — and the landscaping opportunities that accompany those warmer days. The new year brings new opportunities and new trends in landscaping. Ready to find out what they are?

How to Prepare Your Rainwater Harvesting System for a Freeze

Using rainwater harvesting systems is a great way to save money on the water for your home and to help the environment. Plus, they can make a beautiful part of your landscaping too. Unfortunately, however, if you don’t have a year-round system, you do have to take steps before winter hits to make sure that it doesn’t freeze, ruining your home and your landscaping. Here’s what you need to do.

Five Ways to Create a One-of-a-Kind Winter Landscape Design

Are you tired of having a yard that looks beautiful in the summer, yet bland and dreary in the winter? While landscape design is often easier in the summer when you can use a variety of flowers and shrubs, beautiful landscape design is still possible in the winter as well. If you are ready for a yard that is just as beautiful and interesting in the winter as it is in the summer, try one of these winter landscape design ideas today.

Four Outdoor Holiday Lighting Trends to Try This Year

When it comes time to hang your Christmas lights for the year, do you always hang the same lights the same way every year, or do you keep up with the latest styles and trends? If you want your home to look truly amazing, you can’t just hang the same out-dated lights every year. Here are four outdoor lighting trends you will definitely want to know about this winter.

Five Tips for Landscaping on a Budget

Just because creating a beautiful yard with landscaping can be very expensive does not mean it has to be. It is entirely possible to create a beautiful yard without breaking the bank. Here are five tips for landscaping on a budget.

Five Winter Landscaping Ideas for a Beautiful Yard All Year Round

Think you have to wait until spring to enjoy your beautiful landscaping? As it turns out, you don’t have to wait at all. While you won’t have the variety of flowers in the winter that you do in the spring, there are still several winter landscaping ideas that you can use to make your landscaping look beautiful all year round.

Your Essential Winter Landscaping Task List

While most people think of spring when they think of landscaping, the truth is that if you want a beautiful yard in the spring, you need to take steps now to make sure that it will be beautiful once the warm weather arrives. Here are five landscaping tasks you need to do before winter hits to ensure that your yard will be ready for spring.

Water Features & Ponds

Ponds vary in size and start as small as 8 feet by 10 feet and usually can be completely installed in one or two days. You can enhance your pond by adding a number of aquatic creatures. Our experts can help by making a recommendation for size and layout based on your exact space.

Water Features: Fountains

Fountains are the perfect compliment to your pond adding not only beauty but serving to aerate the water for fish and plants. Stand alone fountains are a beautiful addition to any area of your garden. Our experts are available to provide guidance and design ideas to match your vision.

Water Features: Waterfalls

Your waterfall can be enjoyed year-round. KC Landscapes is Kansas City’s first and only certified Aquascape contractor. We maintain our certification through yearly continuing education which keeps us on top of trends and best practices in the industry.

Watch us transform this Kansas City backyard into a beautiful pond. Note: this pond construction includes a rain water harvesting reservoir on the side.

This Kansas City backyard water feature got a major upgrade with lights, softscaping, new stone walls and more.

Low-maintenance water features

Are you ready to turn an ordinary backyard into your own personal sanctuary? Adding a water feature to your yard gives you a place to relax and get away from a hectic and stressful world. The subtle sound of water creates a calm environment for relaxing and letting the cares of the office drift away. Let KC Landscapes create a unique, low-maintenance water feature for you. Choose from a variety of options including ponds, waterfalls, and/or fountains. Our ecologically-friendly water features create a natural eco-system that works with mother nature to stay clean, leaving you to enjoy your pond or waterfall without a lot of maintenance. So what kind of water feature is right for you? It’s all a matter of personal preference. Ponds with fish add extra color and character and pond-less water features are more convenient for smaller areas or for rain water harvesting applications.

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