Using rainwater harvesting systems is a great way to save money on the water for your home and to help the environment. Plus, they can make a beautiful part of your landscaping too. Unfortunately, however, if you don’t have a year-round system, you do have to take steps before winter hits to make sure that it doesn’t freeze, ruining your home and your landscaping. Here’s what you need to do.

Prepping Your Rainwater Harvesting for Cold Temperatures

Rainwater Harvesting in Independence & Kansas City

1. Divert Incoming Water

First, stop water from entering your rainwater harvesting system. Depending on your system, this may involve something as simple as flipping a switch or as complicated as moving some pipes. If you want to continue your green approach, you can always save this water in a barrel to use for watering your landscaping instead.

2. Empty the System

Once no more water is flowing into your system, you’ll need to empty the water that is already there. Make sure you empty the entire system, including all of the pipes, so that there is no standing water. The water you remove can also be used to water your landscaping.

Optional: Covert the System to a Year-Round System

If your rainwater harvesting system isn’t currently winterized and you’d like to skip this hassle year after year, you may consider converting your system to a year-round system instead. This can be done by burying the pipes below the frost line, by adding an aerator to your system or by adding a heat pump to your system. Each of these three methods are very effective at keeping the water from freezing and damaging your pipes and your landscaping.

Winter isn’t here quite yet, but you never know when it will sneak up on you without warning. Don’t wait for the first frost covers your landscaping to think about winterizing your rainwater harvesting system. Protect your pipes and your home by winterizing your system today.

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