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Let KC Landscapes be your local Kansas City answer for water garden and pond plants, supplies and information. We supply and plant a wide range of pond plants either tropical or hardy water Lilies, Lotus, Oxygenators etc. Having expert assistance in deciding how to plant your garden pond on the site is extremely beneficial.

Benefits of good Pond Planting

A garden pond successfully managed for fish and to naturally support garden wildlife will have a variety of aquatic plants present with only a few plant species being considered a nuisance. Controlling the growth and spread of you pond plants is necessary to maximize the benefit of pond plants. The natural growth of Planktonic algae is a great benefit in your garden pond and as the algae abundance increases, light penetration to deeper water becomes more limited. This reduced light penetration helps by inhibiting the potential growth of submerged aquatic plants and filamentous algae. This allows control of nuisance plant growth. In general water clarity of 24 to 30 inches is the most beneficial for fish health and to limit plant reproduction and growth to reasonable and healthy levels.

Call the experts at KC Landscapes to ensure the right balance of plants for your garden pond. Call KC Landscapes at Call (816) 925-0309. today for information.

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