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Pond Lighting

Pond Lighting

Pond lights are a wonderful addition to any garden pond. They add to the relaxing ambiance in your garden as the sun sets. Pond lights can safely extend the time you and your guests can enjoy in those balmy summer months. The dark of the evening doesn’t need to stop you enjoying your pond and keeping it the center of attention.

The Right Pond Lighting

There are many different types of pond lighting available from Prestige One and with so many choices you can count on our pond experts to ensure you have the best solution for your pond. Whether its floating pond lights, underwater lights or a combination of both they are a great pond enhancement. Pond lighting is an attractive feature that completes any backyard pond by the addition of color, pattern, and light to the natural water flow. A variety of pond light sources will brighten your pond and the surrounding garden.

Additional Pond Lighting Benefits

Yes, that’s right, pond lights do more than illuminating your garden water feature. Pond lights provide additional safety and protection for garden guests and the pond itself. Light makes everyone aware of the pond and helps prevent accidents when your garden is a social environment at night. Pond lights tend to keep unwanted nightlife like predators from targeting the fish in your pond. Most animals are unlikely to get too close to your pond if it is well lit.

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