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Kansas City Pond Edging

An attractive pond edge will ensure your garden pond naturally blends with contours and habitat of your garden.  Our professional pond designers enhance your pond by adding plants that grow along the edge of the pond.  They not only add beauty but also supply shade, food, and shade for all sorts of pond life.   An edge correctly laid out with large rocks, pieces of bark, or branches of wood along and near the pond’s edge will provide additional cover for local wildlife in your garden.

The Right Pond Edging for your pond
The design team from KC Landscapes will ensure your pond edging is perfect for your pond.  If we are building your pond or retrofitting your pond edging we will ensure it matches both the pond and the surrounding environment.  Selecting the correct edging for your pond is critical to the success of the overall layout and design.  

There are numerous options for the type of edging on your pond. With small garden ponds, the edging is usually raised which can operate as garden seating.  They also allow people to sit and watch the pond while in the garden.

Stone pond edging

Brick pond edging

Concrete pond edging

Grass planted edging

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