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A pond without aeration lacks water movement and is only able to exchange gasses through the water surface.  A “still” pond lacks oxygenation and generally supports a very small fish population.

Your garden pond needs to absorb oxygen from the air and to release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  Even hydrogen sulfide among other gasses will need to be emitted. Hydrogen sulfide occurs as bacteria works to break down organic matter that collects at the bottom of the pond. Gravel or stone at the bottom of the pond will reduce the oxygen at the bottom of the pond.  

Anaerobic bacteria work even with a lack of oxygen and will cause aseptic conditions at the bottom.  Pond aeration units can be used throughout the year, making it a safe environment for any garden pond stocking Koi and other pond fish.

Hire an expert to help with your pond aeration

Garden ponds can be aerated either on the surface or subsurface, depending on the size of the pond. KC Landscapes pond technicians will help determine which aeration system is the best fit for your garden pond and goals.  Suitable Aeration for your pond is essential for to maintain the healthy levels of oxygen required to keep your pond healthy and clear.

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