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Koi Fish

Koi Fish Pond in Kansas City

A Koi stocked pond will add an unparalleled feeling of elegance and style to your backyard or garden. There is a unique sense of joy when watching colorful Koi fish in your garden pond. This is a pond enhancement the whole family, especially kids and grandchildren, will thoroughly enjoy.

Care and Feeding Koi Fish

Your Koi fish are a natural component in the workings of your pond and water garden. They have a natural appeal and the Koi operate within your garden ponds ecosystem. Keeping your Koi fish healthy takes some basic effort to maintain a good situation in your pond. Number one priority is not to overstock your pond. Then ensure you feed correctly and monitor the quality of your pond water. A backyard pond is not a completely natural environment and maintenance falls to the pond owner. KC Landscapes provides Pond maintenance in Independence and Kansas City if needed.

How many Koi for my Pond?

How many Koi fish are in your pond is critical to maintaining healthy fish. Too many Koi will cause the oxygen levels to drop and fish excrement to cause a build up of ammonia and nitrites in your water. To a point, the number of fish depends on the quality and level of filtration. WhenKC Landscapes builds your pond we will give you the best filtration solution for your pond and the number of fish you would like to keep. As a general rule for planning, you can keep one average size Koi fish for every 9-10 square feet of surface area. For instance; a 7 x 7 pond will have a surface area of 49 square feet. With an average filter, this pond can house up to 5 koi. Of course, keeping fewer than this would make keeping good water quality even easier.

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