Your house could gain an additional room to entertain, cook and enjoy friends without touching the existing structure. Enjoying an outdoor living space in Kansas City is possible because the weather is mild for a good portion of the year. Imagine learning to barbecue because you included an outdoor kitchen in your design. Take these steps to transform your yard into a new living space.

1. Visit the yardOutdoor Living space Kansas City

Early spring is the perfect time to get outside and walk through the existing space. Notice the features that must remain in place, such as trees and fences. Shady areas and sunny areas must be noted for placement of seating areas and planting beds.

2. Dream big

Water features are an important part of landscaping in Kansas City. Birds and small animals are more likely to visit the yard when fresh water is available. Decks and patios are important features that provide space for entertaining. A swimming pool might be part of your dream. Make a wish list that will guide your plan.

3. Consider water

Native plants will thrive in your yard. Notice areas where water stands on the surface of the ground following rainfall or on warm days. Make a note on your plan for all of the sunniest areas. Drought-tolerant plants will thrive in these harsh locations. Drainage patterns are essential since a pond or pool must be at the highest point to prevent water quality issues.

4. Outdoor cooking

From the back door, select an area where an outdoor kitchen would enhance the outdoor living space. The grill must be more than 10 feet from the house. Shade from a deciduous tree can provide the perfect temperature control for your new outdoor dining area.

5. Budgeting for outdoor living

Each major feature will require significant disruption of the surrounding area. Work with your landscaping professional to list the projects in order. Paying for your new outdoor living space in phases is easier.

Your outdoor living space ideas can come true when you work with professionals who care. For trusted help designing your outdoor living space, call the team at Prestige One. Call us at (816) 925-0309 to start planning your space today.