When it comes time to hang your Christmas lights for the year, do you always hang the same lights the same way every year, or do you keep up with the latest styles and trends? If you want your home to look truly amazing, you can’t just hang the same out-dated lights every year. Here are four outdoor lighting trends you will definitely want to know about this winter.

Winter Outdoor Lighting Trends

Outdoor Lighting in Independence & Kansas City

1. Simplicity

The days of over-the-top, colorful displays are long gone (for most of us, anyway). Instead, simplicity is the goal with this year’s Christmas lighting. No need to purchase everything that flashes in bright colors. A little sophisticated style can go a long way.

2. Statement Pieces

Of course, simple doesn’t have to mean boring. The best way to get outdoor lighting that really stands out is to use a statement piece. One large statement piece combined with a more simple design elsewhere is all you need for outdoor lighting that is beautiful but not overstated.

3. LED Lighting

LED outdoor lighting offers a number of advantages over traditional outdoor lighting that make it definitely worth checking out. LED outdoor lighting requires less maintenance and repair, it uses less electricity, and it has a much longer lifespan. Plus, it is now available in bright white, softer white and colors as well.

4. Cordless Technology

Not only are outdoor lighting cords a hassle to arrange, but they are terribly unsightly as well. This year, look for outdoor lighting elements that use battery power instead of cords. Putting up and moving your decorations will be much easier, and your outdoor lighting will look much nicer too.

While using some of the same lights from year to year can help cut down on your Christmas costs, your home should not look the exact same from one Christmas to the next. Use these four outdoor lighting trends for a home that is beautiful, breathtaking and unique this Christmas. You’ll love the end result.

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