Landscaping Design for Kansas City Kids


From Japanese gardens to terraces, landscape design is becoming a popular way to highlight the outdoor portion of your home. However, many of the landscape design options that are available aren’t compatible with children. If you want to have the beauty of green design while creating a child friendly area, then you should take a look at different approaches that are now trending for kid’s landscapes.

Kid-Friendly Landscaping Trends in Kansas City

The landscape design that is trending in popularity is a playscape. This creates specific areas in the yard for children to play and enjoy. And playscapes are moving beyond the traditional tire swing or play set. While these still have a place in the yard, there is now an a trend towards including even more outdoor play structures and areas for children to use their energy and enjoy their time outside.

The trend of landscape design for children often includes modular designs and set areas for children to play. Everything from rope climbing to zip ropes are being added into the area for kids. The designs are integrated into other areas of the yard with specific shapes and looks to balance the garden. The playscape keeps the rest of the yard growing while children are able to have a set area to play. The landscape design allows you to add your children’s favorite activities for them to play in.

Balancing beauty and play with your family is as simple as finding the right landscape design. The current trends for kids include specified areas, or playscapes, that have a variety of outdoor activities. With this approach to the outdoors, you will easily be able to find a different approach for children to enjoy their time outside while keeping all your flower gardens in place.

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