Mushrooms are a common type of fungal growth that can be seen in yards of all types. They can be toxic, and most homeowners don’t like the look of mushrooms in their landscaping. If your yard is prone to mushrooms, here are five landscaping tricks you can use to deter them or to help them die out quicker after they have already found a home in your yard.

Keep Mushrooms at Bay With These Tips

Landscape Maintenance Tips for Kansas City Home Owners

1. Use the Right Kind of Mulch

Mulches from hardwood trees are more likely to encourage mold growth, while mulches from old cypress or pine trees are less likely to encourage mushroom growth. Composting your mulch for six months and choosing mulches with a coarser texture for your landscaping can help as well.

2. Apply the Mulch Properly

Your landscaping mulch should be around two inches deep. Keep it wet, but not too wet. Landscaping mulches that are allowed to dry before they get wet again are more likely to foster mushroom growth. An irrigation system can help you stick to a good watering system.

3. Remove Decaying Trees

Mushrooms growing around a tree is a common sign that the tree is rotting. Not only is this a safety hazard, but it makes a good home for mushrooms as well. Remove the tree and replace the hole with nice, new landscaping instead. You may plant a new tree or any other landscaping elements you like.

4. Be Careful Not to Over water

While you will want to water enough to keep your landscaping looking nice, too much watering can actually encourage mushroom growth. Installing an irrigation system can help you ensure you water your lawn just the right amount.

5. Fertilize as Needed

Lastly, don’t forget to fertilize your lawn. The nitrogen in fertilizer helps the decaying organic matter in your lawn break down faster, which in turn discourages mushroom growth.

While mushrooms are often not harmful, that doesn’t mean that you want them in your yard. Use these five tips to prevent mushroom growth naturally.

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