Whether you’re in a rural or suburban location, deer can be a threat to your landscaping efforts. The damage that deer can cause to your landscaping can be substantial. Here are a few ways that you can keep deer away from your trees and other plants.

Deer-Proof Your Landscaping Now


 1.Consider a fence – One of the most effective ways to keep deer from harming your property is to build a fence. The most effective fences are around ten to twelve feet tall (deer can really jump!).

2. Use soap to protect your landscaping– Deer are put off by the smell of bar soap, making it a safe, affordable and environmentally friendly way to protect your yard. If you hang soap in your trees, you can expect to see a dramatic reduction in deer traffic.

3. Human hair is a surprising repellent – Strange as it may sound, deer do not like the smell of human hair. You can acquire scraps of hair at salons, stuff the hair in pantyhose, and hang them in trees among your landscaping.

4. You may need a commercial solution – If you’re serious about keeping deer away, you might want to consider a commercial repellent. Just follow the manufacturers directions exactly and remember that you’ll need to reapply the repellent after a few days or a heavy rain.

5. Add Deer-Resistant Plants – For the most green solution possible, think about plants that do not appeal to deer for  your yard such as Allium, Artemesia, Clethra, Digitalis, Lavender, Monarda, Regosa roses, Santolina and others. This way, you can enjoy beautiful landscaping without being concerned about the constant maintenance that other deer-proofing solutions might require.

Get the Help You Need With Pesky Deer

With some planning and thought, you can find solutions to keep deer from destroying the beauty of your landscaping. Along with customized landscaping design, our expert team can provide services for all of your other home landscape needs, including landscape garden plantingoutdoor kitchen landscaping and more.

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