unwanted-garden-pestsIt never fails. Each year when your garden begins to flourish, pests come to feast. Rabbits, opossums, raccoons and more will begin to eat away at your produce and possibly ruin all your hard work. Here are several ways you can deter animals away from your garden beds:


Create a Repellent Spray

Take an empty spray bottle or garden sprayer and fill it with water. Next, add spicy items such as tabassco sauce, hot sauce and/or cayenne pepper. The amount of spices you use depends on the amount of water you’ve used. You’ll want to be sure the mixture can still be sprayed.

Now, simply spray on and around your garden plants. Once the animals get a taste of the “spicy” plant, they will likely lose interest. Repeat this process after it rains or as needed.

Cover Plants with Mesh

Cover the plants with a light, wider mesh to allow sunlight in but keep animals out. Most animals will not want to chew through the mesh. Be sure that the mesh is effectively secured to the ground so that animals can’t go underneath.

Make Some Noise

Hang wind chimes or aluminum cans around your garden’s perimeter. The noise and shiny reflections from the aluminum will scare the animals away.

Raise your Garden

Raised garden beds are simple to build and worth the effort to keep your plants from being eaten. Raised beds offer other advantages such as keeping the soil warmer and preventing it from becoming compacted underfoot. Small animals like rabbits are typically reluctant to leaving the ground and most animals’ instincts will tell them to avoid areas of high visibility.

Build a Barrier

Having a fence around the perimeter of your garden is one of the most effective solutions to keeping unwanted pests out. If you decide to put in garden fencing, be sure the fencing extends at least 6 inches underground to prevent the animals from burrowing and entering your garden.

Extra Tips

  • Dogs and cats are very helpful when it comes to keeping unwanted animals out of your garden.
  • If you resort to traps or poisoning the animals, make sure that your own pets or children do not have access to that area of your yard.

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