As we get closer to the holidays, many homeowners are thinking forward to warmer weather — and the landscaping opportunities that accompany those warmer days. The new year brings new opportunities and new trends in landscaping.

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Landscaping Trends to Look for in the New Year

Cheerful senior man showing tomatoes from garden

1. Gardens that are both beautiful — and edible. Modern homeowners are looking for landscaping options in their gardens that will allow them to enjoy the beauty of a cultivated garden while also being able to harvest homegrown fruits and vegetables. Chili peppers, tomato plants and other vegetables are planted among ornamental plants to create a cohesive and cultivated landscaping effect.

2. Creature-friendly landscaping is increasing in popularity. More homeowners are looking to welcome wildlife into their yards in 2015. And landscaping can help to encourage birds, butterflies and bees. Adding certain plants to your landscaping can help to attract butterflies and bees, while access to water in the form of birdbaths will bring more feathered friends to your yard.

3. Let plants help you get more privacy from your landscaping. With more homeowners interested in outdoor living in 2015, there is growing demand for greater privacy when enjoying the great outdoors. Many landscaping experts are answering this demand by creating screens with any combination of trees, shrubs and vines, allowing homeowners to fully enjoy their outdoor spaces without worrying about being observed by neighbors or passersby. Ivy and Japanese holly are popular landscaping options for homeowner looking to use landscaping to increase privacy.

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