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14 Feb 2015
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How to Keep Your Water Features Clean

Many homeowners love the look and the tranquility that water features offer. However, the maintenance can be an issue. How do you keep your water features clean and functioning properly? It turns out that it just takes a few small maintenance tasks to keep your water features looking and working well year round!

Water Feature Maintenance Tips


  • Invest in a manual pool skimmer. One of the most important water feature maintenance tasks you can do is to regularly skim leaves and other types of debris. You probably have other filtration systems in place, but this can help them function better.
  • Keep an eye on water levels. If you notice a big change in your water levels, this could be a signal that you have a problem with your water feature. If you think this is the case, you should consult a professional.
  • Control the plants around your water features. Taking the time to prune branches near your water feature can make a big difference in the rest of your maintenance tasks.

Experienced Water Feature Maintenance in Kansas City & Independence

Water features do require some maintenance, but their return on your time investment makes them well worth the effort. They provide stress release, make your landscaping more attractive and can even increase your property value! Whether you choose to install a natural swimming pool, a fountain or a water garden, a little maintenance on your water feature goes a long way!

The best news about water feature maintenance? How about the fact that you don’t have to do it alone! Our team has the equipment, training and experienced needed to provide you with affordable and effective water feature maintenance and installation. For information on how we can transform your yard, give Prestige One Landscaping a call today at (816) 925-0309.

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30 Jan 2015
pond with lily pads and deck chairs on the side

Top Benefits of Water Features for Your Landscaping

More and more homeowners in the Independence and Kansas City areas are becoming aware of how water features enhance their landscape design. But exactly what benefits do you get from installing water features into your landscaping?

How Water Feature Enhance Your Landscaping

Water Features

  • They are great for your mental health. One of the biggest benefits of water features is the sense of peace and serenity they give to people who are around them. Stress reduction is one of the biggest benefits of adding a water feature like a koi pond to your yard.
  • You can use them to connect to nature. Water features encourage you to get out of the house and into the natural environment. Further, they encourage wild life like birds to come to your yard, which helps you to get closer to nature.
  • Water features enhance your property value. Not only do water features help to make your property unique, they can also increase the value of your property.
  • They are less work than you think. Compared to a swimming pool, most water features are relatively low maintenance. Pond fountains, natural swimming pools and rain water harvesting are all enjoyable and property enhancing features that don’t cost too much and won’t force you to devote every weekend to maintenance tasks. Low maintenance is one of the big benefits that homeowners enjoy.

Skilled Water Feature Installation in Kansas City & Independence

Ready to start enjoying the amazing benefits of water features in your home or business? Prestige One has the skills and experience to help you to start enjoying their many benefits. Our team has the skills and experience to get you high-level results on any landscape design and maintenance project. For information on how we can transform your yard, give Prestige One Landscaping a call today at (816) 925-0309.

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15 Jan 2015

Water Garden Maintenance Tips

Water gardens are a great feature to add to your landscaping. These water features add a sense of serenity to your yard while giving your an opportunity to be unique. Ideally, they act as their own ecosystem, but realistically, they do need a little help. That’s why we’ve collected some of the most important water garden maintenance ideas.

Maintain Your Water Features With These Easy Tips

Water Garden

  • Keep your pump clean. This water feature maintenance task can be done by hand and is essential for keeping your water garden’s ecosystem functioning properly. You should also be aware that pumps need to be replaced regularly, so if your pump’s function seems to be compromised, consider getting a new one for your water feature.
  • Add rooted plants to your water feature. Plants not only add beauty to your water garden, they also help to regulate your algae levels.
  • Remove debris. Once a week, you should remove leaves and other debris from your water feature with a net. This will help to keep your pump clean and keep your water feature healthy.
  • Fight algae. One of the biggest risks to the health of your water feature is algae. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make it harder for algae to thrive in your water garden. Shade most of your water garden to keep algae in check.
  • Work with a professional team. A water feature can be more work and maintenance than many home or business owners can spare. The best way to ensure great results from your water garden is to get advice and service from a professional team who have experience in installing and maintaining water features.

Water Features and More

For information on plants that thrive outdoors in the summer, as well as indoors in the winter, give Prestige One Landscaping a call today at (816) 925-0309.

21 Nov 2014

Winterize Your Water Features in Four Easy Steps

As fall draws to a close and winter looms near, now is the time to start thinking not only about winterizing your home and your car, but also about winterizing your water features as well. Here is what you need to do.

How to Get Your Water Features Ready for Winter

Water Features in Independence & Kansas City

1. Remove Plants from Your Water Features

While some plants are hardy enough to withstand a long winter, others might not fare so well. If you have plants that are removable, now would be an excellent time to relocate them for the winter. Talk to an expert at your local garden store if you are not sure which plants need to be relocated or to where.

2. Clean or Drain Your Water Features

If you have small water features, such as fountains, you will want to drain them so they don’t freeze and crack over the winter. If you have a large water feature, such as a pond, you will want to clean it out as best as possible.

3. Remove the Pump

If your water feature has a pump, you will want to be sure to remove the pump before winter. Otherwise, the frozen water will likely break it, causing you to have to replace it in the spring.

4. Remove or Cover Your Water Features

Once your water feature is all cleaned and ready for winter, you will want to store it if possible. If your water features are small enough to move, you may want to relocate them to a garage or shed. Otherwise, you may want to cover your water features to keep any leaves and animals out.

Water features that add beautiful ambiance to your yard in the summer don’t generally fare as well in the winter. Prepare and remove your water features now, before the cold weather hits, and they’ll be ready to add a peaceful and soothing touch to your yard again next spring.

Get the Help You Need

Along with water features, our experts can provide services for all of your other home landscape needs, including  landscape garden plantingoutdoor kitchen landscaping and more.

Call us today for more information about water features! (816) 925-0309!

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10 Oct 2014

Five Tips for Using Water Features to Attract Birds to Your Yard

Birds make a beautiful and peaceful addition to any backyard, but how can you encourage them to visit? Use water features! Here are five tips for using water features to attract birds to your yard.

How To Use Water Features To Attract Birds

Water features for bird lovers

1. Keep the Water Shallow

Many birds prefer to bathe, rather than swim, so water features shallower than two inches will attract more birds than deep water features. If your fixture is deep, try adding sand or gravel to the bottom for a more favorable depth. You may even vary the depth to accommodate several types of birds.

2. Provide Good Footing

Bowls with smooth ceramic bottoms can be very slippery to birds when wet. Adding sand or gravel to the bottom of a water feature not only helps you control the depth, but it will help provide birds with a better footing as well. Also be sure that the feature is placed securely on the ground or on a low pedestal so there is no risk of it tipping over.

3. Try a Variety of Water Features

Different types of birds prefer different water features, and you have many options beyond the typical bird bath. Mix it up by adding various water features best suited for your needs, including waterfalls, ponds, streams and misters.

4. Choose a Good Location

Think carefully before placing your water features. You want to choose a location that you can see, that provides shade and that offers birds some form of protection nearby. Make sure it is away from disturbances, such as a busy road, pets and doorways, as well.

5. Keep it Clean

Birds may be beautiful, but they are often messy as well. If your bird bath is busy, it won’t be long until it has quite a bit of poop and features in it. Be sure to clean out your bird bath frequently, using a scrub brush to get off anything that is stuck on. Rinse it with a little bleach, and refill the water often.

Get the Advice and Service You Need

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate water features into your home or business, our team is ready to help.  Along with water features, our experts can provide services for all of your other home landscape needs, including  landscape garden plantingoutdoor kitchen landscaping and more.

Call us today for more information about water features! (816) 925-0309!

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14 Jul 2014

Seven of the Hottest Trends in Water Features for 2014

Thanks to the recent economic downturn, many Americans are downsizing. This trend towards smaller homes has helped encourage another trend as well: outdoor living. While Americans still spend approximately 90 percent of their days indoors, many are looking to spend more time outdoors, and these seven water features provide a great reason to do so.

Trends in Water Features

Kansas City Water Features

1. Fountains

One of the easiest water features to maintain, fountains are a popular choice among homeowners. They are portable, cost-effective and–most importantly–relaxing. Popular styles use rocks or ornamental elements.

2. Patio Ponds

Another great option for people looking to spruce up their outdoor living spaces without a huge commitment, patio ponds are small, portable ponds that can sit on a deck or patio. Patio ponds provide all the relaxation without all the fuss.

3. Pondless Waterfalls

For homeowners dealing with water restrictions, pondless waterfalls are a fantastic and popular option. These water features cycle water to keep the waterfall going without needing an entire pond.

4. Ponds

Of course, outdoor water features aren’t limited to just those who want to enjoy the outdoors with low commitment. Many homeowners also love backyard ponds for the relaxation and ambiance they provide, even though they do require more work.

5. Splash Pools

While many homeowners enjoy water features for their serenity, water features are also a great way to add some fun into a backyard. Splash pools allow parents and kids alike to get in the water and have a great time.

6. Spas

When the kids are in bed and it is time for the grown-ups to have fun, spas are the way to go. These luxurious water features are a great way to spend an evening out in the backyard, and homeowners cannot help but relax in them.

7. Swimming Pools

Once everyone is relaxed, it is time for fun! Though swimming pools have been around for years, they are still water features that are fantastic for bringing the whole family together for family fun in the sun.

Along with water features, our experts can provide services for all of your other home landscape needs, including  landscape garden plantingoutdoor kitchen landscaping and more.

Call us today for more information about our innovative water features! (816) 925-0309!

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03 Oct 2013

Maintaining Water Quality in Your Outdoor Water Feature

Kansas City | Maintaining Water Quality in Your Outdoor Water FeatureAn outdoor water feature can be a beautiful addition to your property if it is properly maintained; this includes monitoring its water quality. Since outdoor water features often do not have a flowing freshwater source to discharge waste, sometimes build-up can occur and affect water quality. Especially now that it’s autumn and trees are beginning to shed their leaves, debris can easily infiltrate your outdoor water feature along with algae.

Ensuring water quality in your outdoor water feature really isn’t a time-consuming and difficult task. Here are some easy tips to help you keep your outdoor water feature looking fresh!


Ensure Water Quality in Your Outdoor Water Feature with Filters

Mechanical Filters & Your Outdoor Water Feature

You can add a mechanical filter to your outdoor water feature; it will catch solid waste in a sponge, mat, or brush, and then you remove the waste once it accumulates. A pond skimmer is a simple mechanical filtration tool that you can use to capture waste and improve water quality in your outdoor water feature.

Biological Filters & Your Outdoor Water Feature

Biological filters are most effective when ensuring the water quality of your outdoor water feature. Biological filtration systems provide food and oxygen for nitrosomonas and nitrobacter, two naturally occurring bacteria that make ammonia break down into nitrite and then into nitrate. Fiber matting in the biological filters provide a large surface area for the bacteria to colonize and empty space for nutrient-rich water for flow through and feed the bacteria. Biological filters require less cleaning than mechanical filters, making it easier for you to maintain the water quality in your outdoor water feature.

Use Chemicals to Improve Water Quality

You may have to use chemicals to improve the water quality in your outdoor water feature. These chemicals eliminate algae and many other impurities that can cause your water feature to appear cloudy. Chemicals like Accu-Clear make suspended particles like algae clump and fall to the bottom of the pond, where they can be vacuumed away or removed with a mechanical filter.

If you have goldfish or koi in your pond, be sure to use chemicals that are safe for use with fish, or consider an Ultraviolet Sterilizer.

Increase Water Quality with an Ultraviolet Sterilizer

If your outdoor water feature suffers from algae problems, you should try an ultraviolet sterilizer to improve water quality. Placing a germicidal UV lamp in a pipe where water passes around it provides a 99% reduction in algae. Even with a UV sterilizer, you need a biological filtration system or the dead algae will not break down.

Any other questions about maintaining water quality in your outdoor water feature? Feel free to contact Prestige One Landscaping of Kansas City for more information–call (816) 925-0309!

26 Sep 2013

Plan Ahead to Build a Pond

Plan Ahead to Build a Pond | Kansas City | Prestige One Landscaping

Adding a water feature to your yard can make a big impact on your property. Prestige One Landscaping loves to help Kansas City homeowners turn their yards into calming retreats with custom water feature installations, including ornamental ponds. Complete installation of a pond only takes one or two days, but there are some steps you can take as a homeowner to plan ahead to build a pond.

Legal Issues When Building a Pond

Depending on where you live, your city or neighborhood may have specific ordinances you need to follow when you build a pond on your property. You may need a building permit, or you might need a city official to approve your construction plans.

Also consider your neighbors to prevent any disputes. A pond dug near your neighbor’s yard can cause shifts in land and water flow. If you build a pond without certification, you can wake up sued by your neighbor for water damage, even if these problems were not caused directly by your pond or the construction process.


10 May 2013

What's the Best Water Feature for my Outdoor Space?

outdoor custom water feature

Looking to make your outdoor space just as cozy and inviting as your home? There are several ways to do this, including: outdoor furniture, a covered deck or patio, or even an outdoor kitchen. However, if you’re truly looking to enhance your yard into a vibrant sanctuary, you should consider installing a water feature.


Water features are perfect for blocking out the sounds of traffic and the neighborhood while also providing a stunning look. Water features also come in an abundance of shapes and sizes available to met any backyard personality and homeowner’s budget.


Prefab Outdoor Fountain

If you’re looking for something inexpensive and simple, the best way to go is with a prefabricated outdoor fountain. These can be purchased from most hardware stores and garden centers, or online for a wider variety.  Most come partially assembled, leaving you with minimal extra work when it comes time to hooking it up. With this option, you’ll have the soothing sounds of a traditional fountain, waterfall or drip system to make your yard more relaxing in no time.


Custom Water Features

For a more personalized and sophisticated fit for your lawn, you should consider installing a custom water feature. These are built to blend in with your landscape and the options are unlimited. From ponds to large waterfalls, custom water features can perfectly fit your space and style.


Get Creative

With your outdoor space, there are no limits. Adding a terraced system of rocks for a waterfall feature or even a lazy river with a bridge to cross can be modern and fashionable. When it comes to your backyard, have fun and wow yourself and your guests.


Be sure to choose the right water feature for your outdoor space, for you and your family to enjoy for years. For questions or more information, contact Prestige One Landscaping today.


15 Mar 2013

Water Features to Improve your Workplace

Your workplace may need some life to spark creativity and reduce employee stress. A fountain or water feature might improve your workplace environment. Water displays can help your workplace if used correctly.

water feature office building

Calming Properties

Running water provides soothing sounds and visual interest. For workers that enjoy this white noise and are inspired by nature, a water feature might improve productivity by reducing stress. The water might distract some workers, so there should be plenty of workplace that is not near the water display.

Gathering Point
A fountain, inside or outside, can be a great gathering place for employees or visitors. A well placed water feature can attract employees and give them a place to sit, relax, or have a conversation. A waterfall or fountain with benches or seats might be the perfect spot for customers and visitors to enjoy the sounds and sights.

Natural Humidifier
Features with moving water can improve the quality of your workplace’s air. Some of the water evaporates as it flows, contributing the the humidity of the air. If your workplace is located in a humid climate, a moving water feature might harm the air quality. Think about your climate and ask for help to choose the best type of water feature for your workplace.

Charitable Cause
You can raise money for your workplace’s dedicated philanthropy with a waterfall or fountain. As visitors and employees toss a coin in for luck, they are contributing to the cause as well.

When considering a water feature, you must account for safety. Open pools of water pose risks for children and should be built and installed according to all safety guidelines. Since large fountains are heavy, you’ll want to make sure they are placed in a safe location and won’t strain the floor. Your workplace will benefit when you maintain your water feature to prevent leaks and damage.

A water feature can enhance your workplace for visitors and employees. You can learn more about installing the perfect pond, fountain, or waterfall by giving us a call!