Raised Fire Pits in Independence & Kansas City

Fire pits can be a very entertaining, when homeowners invite guests over for a cookout or bonfire. But, there are hazards among the various types of fire pits. What’s the best type of fire pit to build outdoors? A raised fire pit. Learn more here.

Benefits of a Raised Fire Pit vs. Sunken Pit

Sunken pits create a terribly dangerous hazard when walking anywhere near the fire. By raising the fire pit area above the fire, embers and ash will remain contained and not blow about and begin a brush fire. Also, when enjoying a fire, a raised pit will aid in the smoke not lingering around the edges of a fire pit.

raised fire pit independence kansas cityRaised fire pits will give homeowners the joy of the outdoors and a great place to cook, relax and gather and can be used all year round.

So, just how does my installer create a raised fire pit?

When creating a raised fire surface area, the bottom of the fire pit must be prepared with significant and proper clearance for drainage. Collecting rain water will obviously inhibit the building of a fire and render the pit useless. For gas equipped pits the gas line must run concurrently in this bottom area of the pit that isn’t raised above ground. Installing gas lines is such a significant safety issue that leaving that to the professionals is best.

In addition to the importance of drainage, an important factor is locating the largest selection of interlocking block that have the proper angles for the raised fire pit. Your fire pit area should be at least 36” or no larger than 44” to enable those gathered around the pit to still be able to hold a conversation. Inside the raised fire pit a steel ring or sheeting needs to be installed to protect the brick and its adhesive in order to ensure that it doesn’t dry out from the heat prematurely.

Choose Safety

Fire pits are a very trendy outdoor item to have at home, but safety is a must when deciding among the various types. Are you ready to get your raised fire pit installed?

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