kill-garden-weedsLooking for new ways to rid weeds this summer? Try these natural remedies to kill unwanted weeds:



A layer of newspaper over the weeds will block out sunlight and oxygen which will smother existing weeds and prevent new weed growth. To use this technique, lay down about 10-sheet layers of newspaper and moisten with water to hold in place. Cover the newspaper with an inch or two of mulch for effectiveness.


The acetic acid in vinegar will literally suck the life out of a plant by drying it out. When using vinegar to destroy unwanted weeds, be sure to cover desirable plants for protection.

Corn Gluten Meal

Spread this around established plants to prevent germination. Corn gluten meal will stop seeds from growing into weeds.


One ounce of vodka for every 2 cups of water is your unwanted weeds’ deadly cocktail mixture. Add a couple drops of dish soap to dry out weeds that flourish in the sun. Again, you’ll want to protect your wanted plants.

Liquid Dish Detergent

Adding a few drops of liquid dish soap to the vinegar or vodka sprays will help keep the solution on the weeds. The oil in soap will also break down hairy or waxy weed surfaces, making them vulnerable.

Boiling Water

Pour scorching hot water on unwanted weeds to burn them up. This is a good technique for driveway and walkway weeds because of the low risk of affecting other plants.

Old Carpet Samples/Shower Curtains

Spread these useless items on garden paths or between rows to keep weeds from growing up through mulch. This will provide a similar, but more permanent, solution to the newspaper technique.

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